TAP Family of Companies

Tulare Ag Products was established in 1992 with the simple mission of helping California growers produce quality fruit. What began strictly as a fertilizer sales company has grown into a family of companies, in order to meet the needs of growers throughout the western United States. As our relationship with our growers has strengthened, they have demanded a variety of services and assistance, and our decision to expand has been a direct result of that request. Through Certified Crop Advising Services, Field Analysis,Soil and Crop Nutrient Distribution, Irrigation Consultation, Wholesale Fertilizer Sales andG.A.P. Certification Assistance, the TAP Family of Companies is ready to serve you.


As the foundation of the TAP Family of Companies, Tulare Ag Products’ retail division was founded to provide growers with sound agronomic advice and innovative fertilizers. Our services, branded fertilizers, and proprietary products have consistently helped growers improve crop yield and quality in both conventional and certified organics. We provide full service delivery and application support within our service area.



Irrigation products, services and equipment to support California growers dealing with poor water quality, irrigation maintenance and water management.


Source To Source is a unique wholesale company because it is an entity of a retail company. Our product line is based on agronomic and economic returns through years of using the products in our retail business. We have experienced the results of our products first-hand, and have created our products in order to meet the high expectations of our growers. This experience is passed on to our Source To Source dealers.


CAL G.A.P. was established to provide information for growers to implement Good Agricultural Practices.  From soil, tissue and water sampling to EC Soil Mapping to Soil Solution Monitoring, we provide you with the services and information to grow quality crops with improved fertilizer and irrigation efficiency, reducing waste and expenses.